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Welcome to Solace on Turnberry. We are a family-operated boutique hotel & spa located in Brussels, Ontario. In fact, we are located in the oldest building in the downtown core, and one of the very oldest properties in all of Huron County. The building is designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Back in the heyday of the late 1800's, Brussels was a boom town, thriving on the region's agricultural sector. Fortunes were being made in exporting timber, wheat and beef across the British Empire. One such fortune hunter was John Leckie, a leading merchant and well-respected town father. In 1876, he launched his own private bank, and built this impressive structure on the main street to house his new venture.

Over the decades, the building has been home to many enterprises, including commercial banks, lawyers offices, pharmacies and jewelry stores. At one time, it even served as the village armory, keeping safe all the town ordinances needed in case of an invasion!

After many years of neglect, in 2005 the building was lovingly restored to its former glory. Since then, it has been owned and maintained by Ainleyville Properties, a partnership of two local families with over 160 years of strong community ties and a devotion to both the history and future of this community.

It is with pride that we offer this experience to travelers from near and far. Come enjoy a taste of rural Ontario's Victorian past with all the modern amenities this region has to offer.

Please note we are a smoke free, vape free and pet free facility.

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